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    Item Type: Assembly Resources
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    Justice for asylum seekers : resources for worship


    Resources for Worship

    Prepared by the Assembly Working Group on Worship[...]Circulated by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne


    Let us come and praise the God of refuge.

    let us give praise to His holy name.

    We worship Almighty God,
    who calls all people, close and far away,
    to worship and praise God’s holy name.
    God gathers the hun[...]all things good,
    this is the God we now come and worship.
    Matthew 25:31-46, Luke 13:34[...]
    [...]ACT OF LAMENT

    from Uniting in Worship 2, Second Order of Service for the Lord’[...]
    [...]. Permission is given for the use of this text in worship.

    [2] The Beatitudes
    Blessed are the poor i[...]

    Look for these, and others, in the music resources you have available.

    “How Long?”
    Words and mu[...]This song can be found in Worship Resources, Life Overflowing,
    the worship book of the 13th Triennial Assembly meeting of th[...]Spirit of peace

    Note: In addition to the resources above, you may be interested to access the websit[...]s Together in Britain and Ireland and look at the resources offered for
    Racial Justice Sunday 2012 www[...]


    Justice for asylum seekers : resources for worship
    Worship Resources