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    Shelter from the storm #1 (Fourteenth Assembly)


    together to ensure that systems,
    structures, policies and public
    conversation are life-affirming[...]
    structures, policies and public conversation are life-
    Seekers and[...]ees and persecution. Public policies which seek to punish[...], are
    unjust. Such policies and practices should be resisted as[...]
    [...]Australia's policies relating to asylum seekers should[...]• Government policies and the implementation of those
    policies should not deliberately expose people to
    harm and policies proven to cause unintentional harm[...]al justice1 and procedural fairness
    Australia’s policies must be applied without discr[...]every opportunity to flourish. Decisions about policies
    response focussed which af[...]s under implementation of its policies, open to scrutiny by the
    international law[...]
    entrants. Policies, including access to visas and[...]

    2.1 Australia's policies and legislation should reflect[...]to harsh and punitive policies and treatment in order[...]s.

    2.6 Government policies and public statements should[...]
    4. Australia's policies and legislation should refer[...]
    [...]o the implementation of clear regulations for the[...]