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    A Destiny Together : Daily prayers and reflections


    [...]ldren that, despite the wealth and
    resources available in this shared land, their lives[...]

    Read Acts 2:5-13


    Language is central to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The two are intertwined.
    Language describes cultural attachment to place, cultural[...]cultural activities that people do. Furthermore, language plays a fundamental part
    in bindin[...]man, has said that
    “the loss of language is the loss of the ability to describe the landsc[...]e day of Pentecost, it was through the miracle of
    language that people understood that there was something e[...]e linguistically diverse crowd all heard the same language - they each heard in their own language. Whatever
    else this passage says to us, it[...]nishes the richness of human culture for us all.

    Language and culture are intrinsically intertwined and we[...]peoples
    around the world that the maintenance of language and culture is one of the most significant factor[...]llbeing.

    In 2012, the Parliamentary Inquiry into Language Learning in Indigenous Communities presented some[...]ly
    to attend school if they speak an Indigenous language; and

    > Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who speak, understand or learn an Indigenous language are
    more likely to gain a post-school qualifica[...]he richness of the diversity of human culture and language.

    > Pray that as a society we might come t[...]licy might respect, uphold and protect indigenous languages.

    6 National Congress of Australia’s First Peopl[...]l and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Inquiry into language learning in Indigenous Communities, p.2. Availabl[...]l and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Inquiry into language
    learning in Indigenous communities, p.2. A[...]
    [...]tions to their problems and access to appropriate resources
    and support to help bring those solutions[...]


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