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    Doc.bytes : Worksheet 2 : Doctrine


    [...]starters offered by the National Working Group on Doctrine

    Worksheet 2: Doctrine
    Doctrine is the way the church corporately listens
    careful[...]d grapples with faithful thinking
    and living now.
    "Doctrine" (Latin doctrina) translates the New Testament (Greek) word
    saying, 'What new thing is this? What new doctrine is this?'"

    Compare this with the New Revised Sta[...]Doctrine is never an abstract or theoretical matter. It is[...]Doctrine is the thinking, deciding and teaching req[...]
    [...]Church Thinking
    "Church doctrines are communally[...]for matters of doctrine ... It
    (George A. Lindbeck, The Nature[...]makes the guiding decisions on
    of Doctrine, p.74)[...]>> Some people hear the word "doctrine" negatively.
    and understand. If it doesn't[...]What do you think and feel when you hear the word "doctrine
    isn't Christian faith."[...]what way do you let yourself be instructed by the "doctrine"
    of the church?
    " ... doctrines are like maps -
    they are theological geographies[...]05.
    Sydney South NSW 1235


    Doc.bytes : Worksheet 2 : Doctrine