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    Guidelines on procedures for the appointment of Pastors


    [...]will be designated Pastor for the purposes of the

    Persons who are accountable to the Church under the Pastor Regulations do not have to be
    called Pastor in their ministry[...]tion, appointment and oversight of Pastors is the
    Regulations. However it is helpful to offer guidance so that the Regulations are applied
    consistently. These Guidelines do not address all the Regulations related to Pastors but only
    those that are connec[...]rch it is appropriate for the Church, through
    its Regulations, to express its expectations of these ministry agents.

    The aim of the Regulations on the Ministry of Pastor is to offer supp[...]
    [...]Guidelines should be read in conjunction with UCA Regulations
    HANDBOOK 2.14.1 - 2.14.17.[...]d by a
    Presbytery (see Regulations 2.14.5, 2.14.11 and 2.14.12) for the[...]
    [...]t be designated as Pastor for the purposes of the Regulations.
    Examples of positions[...]normally fall under these Regulations. Lay Ministry teams are becoming[...]xpected that the
    Pastor regulations will be the way of doing this for people in these[...]ing it should be a Pastor for the purposes of the Regulations.
    In[...]ployment that they shall be subject to the Pastor Regulations.

    The Presbytery[...]
    [...]tor for the
    purposes of the Regulations.

    1. They are appointed t[...]entative of
    the Church. See Regulations 2.14.7 - 2.14.9 for the inquiries that app[...]
    [...]e subject to the Pastor
    Regulations because they are not a member or member in associ[...]h’s Sexual Misconduct
    Regulations, as well as continuing education that is a[...]