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    Regulations for the Ministry of Pastor



    DEFINITION AND SCOPE[...]undertaking one or more of the tasks outlined in Regulation

    2.14.2 The ministry of Past[...]cise of the
    responsibilities outlined in Regulation 2.14.2, shall be made without prior consultation[...]ntment).

    2.14.4 From the effective date of the Regulations on the Ministry of Pastor, lay persons who are[...]y fulfilling any of the tasks set out in
    Regulation 2.14.2 in ministry locations designated as appropriate for the ministry of Pastor
    (see Regulation 2.14.5), particularly if receiving remuneration f[...]all be subject
    to the operation of these Regulations.

    DESIGNATING AN APPOINTMENT AS APPROPRIAT[...]the ministry of Pastor for the purposes of these Regulations when

    (i) The positio[...]one or more of the tasks named in Regulation 2.14.2; and the[...]
    [...]nsidering and determining applications made under Regulation 2.14.6 (a) the
    appointing body shall hav[...]and
    determining applications made under Regulation 2.14.6 (b). The procedures to be followed[...]ing body in the case of an application made under Regulation
    2.14.7 shall obtain advice[...]Synod body in the case of applications made under Regulation 2.14.8
    shall satisf[...]

    (c) Pastors are subject to Regulations 2.14.1 - 2.14.17.


    2.14.11 A perso[...]e for the
    ministry of Pastor (see Regulation 2.14.5).

    At the time of recognition the Presbyte[...]) Pastors are subject to the Code of Ethics and Regulations 7.1.1 - 7.13.1.[...]
    [...]ation of the Committee for Discipline pursuant to Regulation 7.8.16(f),
    subject to the Regulations relating to review and appeal.

    2.14.16 Where a[...]nister, is appointed to an approved placement the Regulations
    related to the termination of a placeme[...](c) a member of the Presbytery [refer Regulation 3.4.15(c)(i)], and eligible for election a[...]
    Consequential amendments:

    1. Regulation 2.14.1

    2.14.1 2.15.1 Ministers[...]Pastors.

    3. Definition in the Discipline Regulations.


    7.1.1 In Regulations 7.1.1 to 7.13.1 unless the context or subject mat[...]y, President, and Presbytery Minister;

    4. Regulations re Placements Committee

    1. change regulation 2.7.4(a)
    from “Ministers and o[...]and Pastors”

    2. add a new clause (m) to Regulation 2.7.4 as follows

    Recommend to JNCs the[...]considered suitable for placement under
    Regulation 2.14.8.

    and renumber subsequent clauses.

    5. Amend the following Regulations by adding the word “Pastor”



    Regulations for the Ministry of Pastor