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    Multicultural policies 1985-2004


    [...]on MM - 2000 40

    12. Alternate Regulations for Korean Congregations
    (Approved b[...]
    [...]substantially removed racial criteria from the policies covering the selection of migrants and[...]
    [...]g Committee in exercise of the power contained in Regulation
    3.6.2(c) to ensure the presence at the Fi[...]and to recommend appropriate changes in the Regulations for Synod membership to the
    [...]community education on immigration and community relations.
    85.97.3 To request Synods to identify and[...]
    [...]f the Assembly.

    3. Conferences with the pastoral relations committees in three synods: Victoria, Queensland,[...]ing arranged with representatives of the Pastoral Relations Committees of
    the presbyteries where many[...]
    [...]Uniting Church properties and maintain good relations with the Uniting Church.

    29.3 The 23 p[...]
    [...]nment so that it is similar to the Uniting Church regulations.
    29.9 Several annual conferences have b[...]e reminded of the fact that the present rules and regulations of our Church
    were instituted in terms of a[...]flect this multicultural aspect of the society in policies
    and laws. It was stressed during the consul[...]me for the Uniting Church
    to re-examine the regulations and administrative practices of the Church[...]
    [...]s possible to the Uniting Church Constitution and regulations,
    and yet preserves some elements whi[...]They have now agreed on a constitution and regulations. These diverge very slightly from
    th[...]w the Korean congregations to operate under these regulations. A
    detailed resolution will be prepa[...]iation from Uniting Church
    Constitution and Regulations, for the approval of the Assembly.[...]
    [...]appropriate, grant exemptions
    from the regulations of the Uniting Church in Australia as they[...]
    [...]ultation with
    congregations and presbyteries. The regulations specify the manner in which the Synod Property
    Bo[...]esponsibilities of a congregation are detailed in Regulation 3.1.13. The
    presbytery exercises oversight[...]
    [...]r sale of property must be in accordance with the regulations of the Uniting
    Church and the procedures a[...]
    (iv) the desirability of making new Regulations to provide an appeal process against a synod
    decision taken in accord with Regulation 2.3.7;
    (v) the desirability of regarding a con[...]matters, including any necessary
    amendments to Regulations;

    94.32.03 to request the Standing Committ[...]advice of the Legal Reference Committee, to
    amend Regulation 2.3.5(b)(iii) by the addition of the words "and attained competency" and
    "ministers and" so that the Regulation will read:

    "unless there are special c[...]
    [...]king group:
    (a) give particular attention to Regulation R 2. 3.5(b)(ii) [now 2.3.5(b)(iii)] which[...]
    2.2 The Assembly Standing Committee, under Regulations 2.3.5(c), has appointed a Reception of
    Mini[...]shares the responsibilities for administering the Regulations relating to the
    reception of ministers from[...]t-time
    further study. Synods have differing policies about paying for this further study or req[...]
    and practical assistance, rather than on regulations and requirements.
    4.7 English is, however, the of[...]that we do not need to
    make this a matter for regulation.

    4.7 We do, however, see a role for the pr[...]
    • The Basis of Union, Constitution and Regulations;
    • The worship, ethos and polity of[...]nted by the
    Assembly has its task set out in Regulation 2.3.5(b)(iii). We believe that, given the current
    wording of the Regulation, the committee has carried out its work wit[...]
    4.20 Regulation 2.3.5 (b)(iii) requires ordained ministers applyi[...]th individual cases. This may be done by amending Regulation
    2.3.5(b)(iii) by the addition of word[...]
    [...]ation with the relevant communities (For example, policies on use of UCA
    • En[...]
    [...]rom culturally diverse backgrounds and
    develop policies and cultural sensitivities that respond to their[...]National
    Consultations to review multicultural policies and practice and the implications of ethni[...]
    [...]o-worker will be a key to the development of good relations between the partner
    Church and the U[...]
    [...], and works with them to relate the
    processes and policies of the Uniting church to their local conte[...]
    • Adjustment to the UCA rules and regulations,
    • Second generation issues including Ang[...]
    strategies. Rather than devising a set of -policies”, it is necessary to show ways of empowe[...]
    Alternate Regulations
    For Korean Congregatio[...]by Assembly Standing Committee March 2000

    1. REGULATION 2.1.1

    Add new definitions in Regulation 2.1.1:

    -For the purpose of these alternate Regulations, unless the context or subject matter[...]lifetime tenure in a

    2. REGULATION 2.4.18

    Alternate Regulation 2.4.18 to read:

    “ministry teams within K[...]s made prior to the date on which these alternate Regulations come
    into effect shall be taken int[...]minations made under this
    alternate Regulation.[...]
    [...]ation of ministerial placements
    Alternate Regulations to Regulations 2.7.6, 2.7.7, 2.7.9 and 2.7.10

    Alternate Regulations to read:

    duration and termination of pla[...]force on the date on
    which these alternate Regulations come into effect, shall remain in force notwithstanding
    the coming into effect of these alternate Regulations. Alterations to such arrangements shall[...]ements are subject to the provisions of alternate Regulation
    2.7.7 and to the disciplinary processes of the Uniting Church detailed in Regulations 7.5.1ff.

    (b) In relation to the placements of ta[...]ormal processes of the Uniting Church detailed in Regulations 2.7.6 - 2.7.10
    or of following alternate Regulations 2.7.6 and 2.7.7 below. On the first occasion that[...]a, after the date on which these
    alternate Regulations come into effect, a meeting of the Congregation s[...]h

    OPTION ONE (Uniting Church Regulations 2.7.6 - 2.7.10)
    duration and termination of place[...]he Presbytery according to the procedures in this Regulation.

    (b) Any decision by a Presbytery to t[...]
    [...]ytery has delegated its authority to its Pastoral Relations Committee a Church
    Council may appeal to[...]Any decision of the Presbytery or its Pastoral Relations Committee to terminate a placement
    shall[...]any extension beyond ten years pursuant to Regulation 2.7.10 except on the same conditions
    as s[...](i) by a Presbytery or its Pastoral Relations Committee pursuant to Regulation
    2.7.7 or 2.7.8(c) s[...]
    or its Pastoral Relations Committee.
    (ii) by a Synod or a body responsible to a Synod pursuant to Regulation 2.7.8(c)
    or 2.7.9(a) or t[...]the Assembly pursuant to
    Regulation 2.7.8(c) or 2.7.9(a) shall be directed to the Pre[...]ess of the
    congregation (refer to Regulation 3.4.5). Such consultation will normally be[...]
    [...]fe and witness of the Congregation (refer
    Regulation 3.4.5).

    2.7.7 The placement of a we-im moksa may[...]Synod, on discipline grounds, in accordance with Regulations 7.5.1ff.

    A we-im moksa whose placement h[...]tery shall have a right
    of appeal, as per Regulation 2.7.9A.

    duration and termination of place[...]
    [...]ytery shall have a right of appeal, as per
    Regulation 2.7.9A.

    (b) The Church Council may terminate[...]il shall have the right of appeal to the Pastoral Relations Committee of the
    Presbytery. The Pastoral Relations Committee shall determine the matter. There shall[...]t of appeal. ”

    4. ELDERS
    Alternate Regulations 3.1.33 - 3.1.35

    “elders in Korean congregation[...]processes of the Uniting Church detailed in Regulations 3.1.10 - 3.1.17, with the additional
    special provisions in alternate Regulation 3.1.34, or of following option two below. On the[...]s, after the date on which
    these alternate Regulations come into effect, a meeting of the Congregation s[...]writing of the option chosen.

    option one
    3.1.34 Regulations 3.1.10 - 3.1.17 are to be followed in relation to[...]r.

    (b) From the date on which these alternate Regulations come into effect, at least half of newly

    option two
    The Congregation is exempted from Regulation 3.1.16 as it applies to the term of office[...]

    (c) From the date on which these alternate Regulations come into effect, at least half of newly

    Alternate Regulations 3.1.36 - 3.1.40

    3.1.36 Kwo[...]n, as at the date on which these alternate
    Regulations come into effect. A meeting of the Congregation m[...]ch Council, in addition to
    those listed in Regulation 3.1.12(a).

    3.1.38 Korean Congregations are free[...]the number of persons to be elected under
    Regulation 3.1.12(a)(v).”

    Alternate Regulation 3.1.41[...]
    [...]ws are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Regulations of the Uniting
    Church (as varied by any applicable exemptions or alternate Regulations approved under
    Regulation 3.6.34) and are not inconsistent with any relevan[...]7. DECISION TO FOLLOW THESE ALTERNATE
    Alternate Regulations 3.1.42 - 3.1.45

    “DECISION BY KOREAN CONGREGATI[...]low the Kong-Dong Kyu-Jung (Uniting
    Church Regulations varied by alternate Regulations approved by the Assembly or the
    Assembly S[...]evised Kong-Dong Kyu-
    Jung (Uniting Church Regulations varied by these alternate Regulations approved by the
    Assembly Standing Committee) on the date on which these alternate Regulations come into

    3.1.43 A Korean Congreg[...]ation shall then follow
    the Uniting Church Regulations unvaried by these alternate Regulations. The Uniting
    Church Regulations shall not apply retrospectively to decisions prev[...]ongregation which is following the Uniting Church Regulations unvaried by
    these alternate Regulations may decide, by a simple majority vote at a meetin[...]o decisions taken under the Uniting Church
    Regulations. The Congregation shall immediately notify[...]n two months of the date on which these alternate Regulations come into effect, each
    Korean Congregation[...]ther
    they are following the Uniting Church Regulations unvaried by these alternate Regulations
    or the revised Kong-Dong Kyu-Jung.”

    Alternate Regulations 3.6.46 - 3.6.47

    [...]3.6.47 The Assembly shall review these alternate Regulations no later than 2005.”[...]
    [...]unity, with particular reference to
    the ethos and policies of the multicultural Uniting Church and th[...]
    [...]th all other UCA
    congregations follow the UCA Regulations and Constitution, unless otherwise granted varied[...]a particular situation, such as the Korean Varied Regulations of the UCA.

    • When migrant-ethnic con[...]
    [...]Congregations, Presbytery
    Pastoral Relations Committees and Synod Placements Committees[...]
    [...]to address matters to do with
    respect to regulations, courses, the role of language and orientat[...]
    [...]establish a Task Group to review the current policies of the Uniting Church on
    Multicultur[...]ant-ethnic congregations, and the effect of these policies on
    the proper functioning and role o[...]years
    various cross cultural and ethnic specific policies, regulations and guidelines have been developed
    by the Assembl[...]Co-written with UIM, 1998)
    The Alternative Korean Regulations (2000)6
    Guidelines for Biennial National Conferen[...]ross cultural church, in some contexts these same policies appear to have been misunderstood,
    not implemente[...]ndicated serious difficulty in
    implementing these policies in their specific context. It is an appropriate t[...]ssembly to
    review the impact of its multicultural policies upon the life and witness of the whole church -
    congregations, presbyteries, synods and Assembly. Do these policies effectively empower the church to
    embrace its vis[...]e
    presbyteries and synods able to implement these policies and are they adequately resourced to do so?
    Do th[...]his time a major review of the Alternative Korean Regulations be
    undertaken by this Task Grou[...]
    [...]nces and reflect on how these impact on the
    policies and practices of the Uniting Church. Addre[...]
    [...]f the
    overall process of furthering intercultural relations and multicultural vision, says Law. People[...]
    [...]ities to the Assembly, especially in the light of Regulation


    Multicultural policies 1985-2004