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    Multicultural policies 2006 onwards


    6. Task Group on Review of Korean Regulations
    The General Secretary spoke to Document 11, consi[...]ort of the Task Group
    on the Review of the Korean Regulations.

    06.50 It was resolved to:
    06.50.01 receive the report;
    06.50.02 note that the Alternate Korean Regulations are extensively used within the
    Uniting Church Ko[...]n that 3.1.34 (b) and 3.1.35 (c) of the Alternate Regulations
    relating to ensuring that one third of Eld[...]
    [...]ds of our diverse membership and develop policies
    and processes to assist the full pa[...]
    Reference Committee, to make Regulations relating to property sharing
    arran[...]and that the synods may provide policies and processes to assist[...]
    [...]vember 2010, which is based on any changes to the
    Regulations and ensuring that the following considerat[...]
    development of Uniting Church processes, policies and polity that are responsive to
    [...]from culturally diverse
    backgrounds and develop policies and cultural sensitivities that respond to[...]
    [...]of strategies
    • Facilitating the development of policies that will enhance the multicultural life of the[...]linguistically diverse communities (For example, policies on the just and equitable use
    of Uniting Church[...]d provide opportunities to review multicultural
    policies and practice and the implications of ethni[...]
    [...]ctor and any other staff in the implementation of policies
    determined by the Assembly and/or the As[...]
    Articulate the Assembly’s vision and policies, as
    appropriate, to Uniting Church in Austr[...]


    Multicultural policies 2006 onwards