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    National Property Policy for the UCA


    [...]Multicultural Church" in light of changes to the
    Regulations made by the 12th Assembly. Those changes embed ou[...]re clearly understood in relation to our Property Regulations._________________________________________________[...]. (Basis of Union).

    2. Alongside the Property Regulations (Section 4. Property), this National Prope[...]
    [...]foreseen when the UCA was formed and its property regulations and policies formulated. They now require

    3. This policy is to work alongside the Regulations in enabling the UCA to more effectively use its p[...]ion with congregations and
    presbyteries. The regulations specify the manner in which a synod’s Property[...]esponsibilities of a congregation are detailed in Regulation 3.1.13.
    5.1 Mission strategy: Each con[...]wider Australian society.

    6. The presbytery (Regulations 3.4.1 and following)
    6.1 Has au[...]
    [...]ion Paragraph 15[d], UCA Constitution Division 5, Regulations 4.2.1 and following)
    7.1 Has authori[...]roperty Policy as enacted
    from time to time (Regulations 4.2.1 - 4.2.3 and 4.13.5).

    If the U[...]gal Reference Committee, to
    make Regulations relating to property sharing arrangements between[...]d on
    any changes to the Regulations ...

    The Regulations that were approved in response to this decision a[...]he manner in which the responsibilities listed in Regulation 4.4.1 and other relevant Regulations of
    the Church will be jointly undertaken in[...]gation and faith
    community and any relevant policies of the Assembly and the Synod.[...]
    [...]ursuant to 4.13.3.

    4.13.5 A Synod may determine policies and processes to assist Presbyteries, Church Coun[...]communities in the implementation of this Regulation. Where there is more than one Presbytery,[...]the responsibilities of the Presbytery under this Regulation will be exercised by
    one or both of them.[...]provided to give guidance in the way to make the Regulations work in concrete situations.
    Policies cannot cover all circumstances but assist in keeping faith with the intention of the Regulations in the most
    common situations. Where the Policy does not seem to anticipate a particular situation then the Regulations are to
    be relied upon but the Policy can still p[...]pitality and partnership.
    Alongside the Property Regulations (Section 4. Property), this National Property Pol[...]and benefit
    of use from property (Regulations 4.13.1 - 4.13.5)

    1.1 Uniting Church c[...]
    (Regulations 4.1.1 Definitions). It is important that a[...]s.

    Section 3. Purchase or Sale of Property (Regulations 4.6.1 - 4.6.4)
    3.1 The purchase or sale of property must be in accordance with the Regulations of the Uniting Church and
    the proced[...]hrough the Synod Property Board and such property Policies as the
    Assembly shall approve[...]
    Section 4. Conflict Resolution (Regulation 4.13.3)
    Where more than one congrega[...]use and there
    is a dispute or conflict then Regulation 4.13.3 applies.

    Section 5. Conclusion[...]