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    Ordered liberty in worship


    Ordered Liberty in Worship
    Guidelines for the leadership of worship for those ordained or commissioned to such a role[...]"'

    All of us can hope that as we prepare to lead worship we can echo these opening lines of Psalm 122, wit[...]y to be glad when we and those we lead experience worship in its fullness. This is a fullness which
    makes u[...]e varied great
    prayers of thanksgiving Uniting in Worship's service for the Lord's Supper (see pp 93[...]all too readily satisfied with a minimal diet of worship, a diet
    which may lead to spiritual malnut[...]very much in mind what contributes to fullness in worship, in that the essential elements in
    orders of service are listed to enable us to taste worship in that life giving abundance promised by Jesus i[...]is widespread interest in
    sensitive and relevant worship. A necessary part of informed involvement[...]only in belief
    and practice, but also in forms of worship so that dulling uniformity and 'vain repetitions'[...]s occasions.

    We have much invested in freedom of worship. As the preface to those volumes of resources we know as Uniting
    in Worship puts it, it is not the case

    that the services in Uniting in Worship are intended to be used rigidly and without imagination ... All the
    resources...are therefore designed to be used in a flexible[...]y, so that the congregation may be protected from worship which is idiosyncratic or
    insensitive (pp. 8 & 9).

    Very few leaders of worship have recourse only to what is available in the two volumes of Uniting in Worship.
    They make careful use also of services an[...]other
    denominations (see appended select list of resources). Throughout, if we are not to become overly self-focussed
    we have also to learn from the worship of a church undivided between East and West, let[...]e both open and discriminating in our use of such resources. In this
    connection the observations about worship made years ago by Lesslie Newbigin in his A South[...]precede the wording of each service in Uniting in Worship, and the services of ordination, induction[...]1988. There you will find much to aid leaders of worship, and also much to dispel the
    false notion that the resources published are the only ones allowable.

    For furth[...]stance use Robert Gribben's A Guide to Uniting in Worship (UC Press, 1990). In
    his Preface he refers to Christian Worship in Transition, by the American Methodist scholar,[...]mphasis on both the essentials and the freedom of worship when he
    cites a chapter entitled:

    "You are free[...]ave the fundamentals clear, he said, you may "do" worship any way you wish (p. 9).

    Later Gribben writes that

    Uniting in Worship will guide you through what is essential, and wha[...]st of these are obvious (p. 14).


    Uniting in Worship is closer to a Directory than a book of common pr[...]and with a vast resource of further material for worship from our own historical traditions, and
    [...], as the United Church of Canada calls it, and in worship to doing 'everything
    decently and in order' (1 Cors.14:26 and 40), let us look at the major services of worship with an eye to
    discerning and including always th[...]hose which
    enable all to share in the fullness of worship. They are not listed to inhibit our freedom of worship, but to enhance

    THE MARRIAGE SERVICE[...]), (vi) & (ix) and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship, pp. 91-99.

    The 1997 Assembly (Minute 97.[...]ognised that the Marriage Service is a service of worship, with scripture readings, proclamation of[...]11 The Vows (one of the four forms in Uniting in Worship or words consistent with these forms)

    13 Proclam[...](xi) and (xv) and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship pp. 19­

    Approving a statement "A Comm[...]
    [...]esent in terms of faith and obedience nurtured in worship and

    14 (9) Prayer of the People ( not l[...](ii) and (iii) and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship pp 36-39.

    The essential elements of this ser[...]tes (i) - (vi) and refer to A guide to Uniting in worship pp. 43­


    Lay Presiders at[...]Service of the Lord's Day.

    1 .... Call to Worship

    4 -- Prayers of Adoration and Conf[...]
    [...]otes on p. 134 and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship pp. 76-77;

    It is necessary to include a prayer l[...]viii) and (xi) and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship pp. 115-l2l.

    Noting especially the conten[...]
    [...]eased. See the prayers on pp. 492-3 of Uniting in
    Worship Leader's Book and pp. 50-51 of Funeral (1990).[...]he Lord's Day, and refer to A Guide to
    Uniting in Worship pp. 123-l29. (It must be noted that this Guide refers to the former services in Uniting in
    Worship, not the more recent Services of Ordinatio[...]he Lord's Day, and refer to A Guide to Uniting in Worship pp. l29-132. (It must be noted that this
    Guide refers to the former services in Uniting in Worship, not the more recent Services of Ordination[...]
    [...]ificantly to communication and to the fullness of worship.

    So, while the lists of essential elements aim at enhancing such fullness of worship, if we neglect the other
    contributing fact[...]ngland and Scotland were guided at first in their worship by the
    Geneva Forme of Prayers which can be trace[...]entatives in 1644 agreed to a Directory of Public Worship, which indicated what was seen
    as essential in the conduct of worship, the celebration of Baptism and the Lord's[...]
    [...]acceptable to those opposed to conformity to the worship style of the
    episcopal Church of England. One pro[...]ide his preachers and ministers in the conduct of worship, John Wesley (d.
    1794) issued in 1784 a ma[...]mparted an Anglican flavour to Wesleyan Methodist worship when it
    went its own way from Anglicanism in 1795[...]reens.

    So we have the two strands - 'liberty' of worship, and the underlining of what are seen to be the 'essentials' of
    Christian worship.

    They died - but are speaking still! (cf. Hebs 11:4)

    The 1644 Directory of Public Worship has some reflections in its Preface of a continui[...]ors, 350 years ago, opposed imposed uniformity of worship by Prelates (Anglican Bishops)
    and, with it, the Prelates' conviction that there were no other worship, or way of worship of God, amongst us, but
    only the Service-book.

    T[...]gy, with the many rites and ceremonies set in the worship of God; and have
    [...]s following Directory for all the parts of public worship, at ordinary and extraordinary times.

    The[...]ralia shares such common concerns that liberty in worship should not become licence,
    any more than that all[...]lavishly and without discrimination by leaders of worship


    Ordered liberty in worship
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