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    Nature of doctrine and role of Assembly : three kinds of theological statements


    The Nature of Doctrine and the Role of the
    Assembly - Three Kinds[...]as been prepared by the Assembly Working Group on Doctrine as an aid to the
    church in understanding the nature of Doctrine and the role of the Assembly
    in matters of doctrine.
    Received by the ASC in[...]the first type as “dogma”, the
    second type as doctrine and the third type as “theological refle[...]
    [...]ting Church is, in part, shaped by these official doctrinal statements.

    1 For a discussions of the is[...]
    [...]n the past. As
    Douglas John Hall puts it, Doctrine is created by the coming together, in the[...]“determining responsibility” in matters of doctrine (Basis of Union, par 15e). Logically, this[...]e.

    So, when the Basis of Union speaks of doctrine, it means official statements of the Uniting
    Church. A special kind of doctrinal statement arises when the Uniting Church is a par[...]and are to be regarded as Uniting
    Church doctrine. From time to time two or more denominatio[...]istian belief, such as baptism or ministry or the doctrine of justification.

    Clearly, in drafting s[...]ile the Assembly is free to
    determine its doctrinal position on any issue according to its own wisdom[...]f theological reflection and never
    become doctrine. On the other hand, a matter of theological reflection may become a matter
    of doctrine when it becomes the official position of a[...]
    [...]ordination of women that this became a matter of doctrine (as it is for
    the Uniting Church).

    Good[...]enturies and in different cultural contexts - the doctrinal positions of various Churches (type
    2). To un[...]sions of the Ecumenical Church;
    (b) uses the term doctrine to refer to the official position of a Chu[...]


    Nature of doctrine and role of Assembly : three kinds of theo[...]
    Doctrine Paper