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    The Word speaks! : the Bible in worship in an inclusive church


    The Bible in Worship in an Inclusive Church

    The church is a[...]4.

    How does God speak to us through the Bible in worship today? From what Bible should we read, preach and[...]Thus it is recommended as the norm for reading in worship, as a reference for preaching,
    and for stu[...]the only version of the Bible that can be used in worship?

    As John Westerhoff suggests, our task as a church is not simply to read texts aloud in worship, but to let our
    lives be shaped by God's S[...]of the Christian community, what we do in
    worship is critically important."
    Marva Dawn, Is[...]peaking, two views about the place of children in worship. One is that children will
    "grow into" adul[...]
    richness of Christian worship. To paraphrase her slightly, "Shallow worship forms shallow people." Dawn is
    resistant particul[...]contemporary culture upon the church's faith, its worship
    and its nurture of children and youth. She also e[...]le.

    These are vital considerations for Christian worship. John Westerhoff, C. Ellis Nelson, and Iri[...]minded us that children learn by participation in worship long before they
    understand what is going on. In[...]wart, encouraged congregations to explore all-age worship rather than send children out to Sunday
    School.[...]ble can also be read in more than one language in worship.)

    The point here is not to put children, pe[...]
    [...]see or hear or touch or taste during most Sunday worship.)
    Directness was about being person[...]at the NRSV is the recommended version for use in worship, how might we, alongside this, allow
    the Bible to come alive for all people?

    Many worship leaders, from time to time, use paraphrases such[...]series (Woodlake Books) is an excellent, all-age resource. Stories Seldom Told by Lois Miriam
    Wilson (Norths[...]tive material that can be woven into a service of worship alongside biblical texts. Curriculum[...]
    [...]nes. Not only can
    these aid in the preparation of worship, but the use of a different translation fr[...]apolis, 1984.

    Finally, when we open the Bible in worship, we hope to encounter the Living Word thro[...]ape our lives.

    Craig Mitchell
    On behalf of the Worship Working Group
    Uniting Church in Australia,[...]


    The Word speaks! : the Bible in worship in an inclusive church