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    Walking together : Exploring the covenant … : study guide



    Exploring the Covenant
    between Fi[...]
    Walking Together
    Exploring the Covenant between First and S[...]
    [...]ands, and as part of that to:


    1. When the churches that formed the Church arrived[...]the Triune God they
    knew in Jesus Christ.

    2. Through this land God had nurtured and sustained[...]se lands and
    waters since time immemorial.

    3. The First Peoples had already encountered[...]
    4. Some members of the uniting churches approached t[...]found in the good
    news about Jesus Christ.

    5. Many in the uniting churches, however, shared the[...]tuality, becoming strangers in their own land.

    6. The uniting churches were largely silent as the d[...]pel proclaimed by the churches was diminished.

    7. From the beginning of colonisation the First Peop[...]tory was recorded and told, and in the Church.

    8. In 1985 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mem[...]Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.

    9. In 1988 the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Chris[...]in in a solemn act of covenanting before God.

    10. After much struggle and debate, in 1994 the Assem[...]Congress. This was so that all may see a destiny together,
    praying and working together for a fuller expression of our reconciliat[...]
    [...]Rev Denise Champion, Yarta Wandatha, page 8.

    God in Christ has given to all people in the Chu[...]iliation? How can we as Australians walk and live together as people of compassion,
    justice, peace and hope?[...]and how as First and Second Peoples we might walk together in the future. There are
    two group sessions, each[...]f First Peoples have been prepared by the
    Worship Working Group. They are available in the Walking Together DVD and CD pack, or may
    be downloaded from assemb[...]des two video segments.

    Session Two - "A Destiny Together"
    This session explores what it means to be First and Second Peoples together, and how we might
    live out our shared coven[...]
    [...]ed Preamble to the church's Constitution from 2009. It is likely
    that many church members have never[...]This country and its 'Ancient Dreaming'.
    Teach us to love all people
    Regardless of race or[...]Assembly Working Group on Worship,
    To the heartbeat of this[...]
    [...]Rev Denise Champion, Yarta Wandatha, page 9.

    A key part of our time together is listening to one another, listening to voices[...]Uniting Church's national Assembly meeting in 2009.
    The document was then referred to synods and pres[...]nderstand or discuss all of it right now.

    Decide together whether you wish to read the Preamble alou[...]
    [...]with Congress on a new
    Preamble. They worked together on this task for about two years (mid 2007 to mid[...]things, so this is how we want to shape our life together". The Preamble seeks
    to name in the 'law' of th[...]what this
    means for the way we shape our life together.[...]
    [...]he Spirit in the Land"
    Duration 6 mins 10 secs.

    ...we have stories that stretch back across time and[...]Rev Denise Champion, Yarta Wandatha, page 8.

    If the Gospel is to be expressed fully in the wi[...]ow Spirit Elders, Rainbow Spirit Theology, page 27.

    Read over Clauses 1 to 3 of the Preamble[...]
    [...]the questions you have listed about Clauses 1 to 3.

    Spend some time individually r[...]
    [...]esus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Assembly Working Group on Worship

    Rev Denise Champion, Yarta Wandatha, c/- UAICC: Salisbury, 2014.[...]ow Spirit Theology, HarperCollins: Melbourne, 1997.
    Doctrine of Discovery movie and other resourc[...]oduced by a group of US Mennonites.)
    Assembly Working Group on Worship, Resources suitable for w[...]
    Session Two: A Destiny Together

    Purposes of Session
    • To explore what it mea[...]digenous peoples
    • To explore what 'a destiny together' might mean for the Uniting Church
    and for al[...]hurch leaders and have the opportunity to
    reflect together as a group.

    Bible Readings
    Psalm 78:1-8; 2 Corin[...]r languages, our people and our nation.
    Gather us together to look after this land
    so that the beauty of our[...]econciliation,
    and enable all Australians to work together
    in love, peace and joy.

    We ask you, God t[...]
    [...]rst Peoples and of Second Peoples from many
    Preamble to the Constitution

    [...]Congress. This was so that all may see a destiny together,
    praying and working together for a fuller expression of our reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

    Preamble, Clause 10.

    We come to this covenanting table with our gifts[...]g Aboriginal and Islander. Our commitment to walk
    together with you as equals will be measured by our willin[...]at culturally appropriate ways of worshipping
    God...I also see that the wider church needs to work wi[...].
    Rev Denise Champion, Yarta Wandatha, 2014.

    How do we as a Uniting Church live out our coven[...]on with First Peoples? What is our future destiny together?

    Watch Video #4 - "Living Our Covenant"
    Duration[...]uestions were raised for you?

    We seek to journey together in the true spirit of Christ as we discover what[...]commandment 'Love one another as I have loved
    you'. It is our desire to work in solidarity wit[...]
    impact on indigenous peoples says this:

    1. Indigenous Peoples have the oldest living culture[...]genous lands and to dominate Indigenous Peoples.
    2. Around the world, Indigenous Peoples are o[...]
    [...]t and "encouraged its
    consideration in the church". A link to the full statement is provided b[...]
    You are invited to say together this affirmation of faith based on the revised Pr[...]e and language,
    and that in God we are all united together as one.

    We say God is Spirit,
    breath of life,
    who is always working to bring people to life in God.

    We believe the S[...]an the church
    and prayed that the church might be together as one.

    We believe that in the risen Jesus we ar[...]are full of joy that we can learn, grow and serve together
    as a pilgrim people
    in the name of Christ.

    Resou[...]s peoples, World
    Council of Churches, Bossey, 2012.[...]
    [...]tery that surrounds us all and binds all creation together.

    My people did not hear you when you shared your[...]kingdom
    of justice and righteousness in this land...

    We come to this covenanting table with our gifts[...]Aboriginal and Islander.

    Our commitment to walk together with you as equals will be
    measured by our willin[...]e for God's creation.

    Covenanting Statement, 1994.


    Walking together : Exploring the covenant … : study guide
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