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    Worship planning guide


    Worship Planning Guide


    This guide is designed to assist worship leaders in the planning and
    leadership of worship in the Uniting Church.

    You are encouraged to vis[...]Church Assembly website
    to explore the wealth of resources for worship, both liturgical and
    educational, that can be found there. You will find the link to worship
    resources on the home page.

    While the Uniting Church believes that the following format for the
    weekly gathered worship of God's people is the one that we all should
    fol[...]circumstances, it strongly encourages leaders of
    worship to be enterprising, energetic and imaginat[...]
    We call this "Ordered Liberty". A resource on the Assembly website
    entitled Alive to God in Worship is an excellent introduction to the
    preparation and leadership of worship that is contemporary and

    The worship book of the Uniting Church is Uniting in Worship 2,
    which is available in hardcover and DVD. UIW2 also contains a wealth of
    other resources for worship. The DVD offers even more to those responsible
    for planning and leading worship.

    Gathering as God’s People
    * Call to worship


    * Opening Prayers

    Explanatory Notes
    Gathering as God’s People
    We begin worship in a way that encourages a sense of welcome and c[...]to anyone who is not a regular attender.

    Call to worship

    It is important that we 'call' people to worship God. That is the primary reason for
    being togethe[...]ange of music available today from many different sources. Worship
    leaders need to take care when selecting songs for worship, asking two key

    1. Is th[...]If there has been no prior word of welcome, the worship leader can offer a welcome
    and greeting. For example: 'I welcome you to our worship today and greet you in the
    name of God.'

    We call on God to be present with us in our worship: forgiving, reconciling, calling,
    in the world. That is why these aspects of our worship follow the preaching - they are
    all part of our r[...]hink of every week. The Assembly Working Group on
    Worship has produced a DVD on the Prayers of the People.[...]our congregations.

    The Assembly Working Group on Worship has produced a DVD on Holy Communion.
    [...]ds God's people that they are being sent out from worship to participate in
    God's work in the world[...]


    Worship planning guide
    Educational Resource
    Transforming Worship Circle Hub