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    Resources for Remembrance Day 11 Nov.


    [...]N AUSTRALIA
    Working Group on Worship

    Resources for the church’s remembrance, prayer and
    peacem[...]nearest to Remembrance Day,
    11th November

    These resources are provided at the request of the 13th Assembly.[...]irst Service for the Lord’s Day from Uniting in Worship 2.

    The liturgy, Commitment to Uniting for Peace,[...]repared by the
    Reverend Peter Gador-Whyte.

    These resources can be further adapted to meet local requirements[...]theology. Care has been taken to
    ensure that the resources offered here reflect the faith and doctrine of the Uniting

    Additional resources have been provided, including suggested hymns, pr[...]ms.

    For those interested in developing their own worship services to commemorate
    Remembrance Day, especial[...]ed and a wealth of material, including additional
    resources for Remembrance Day, can be found there.

    Please note that these resources are not yet in their final form. The Worki[...]
    [...]the People of God

    All gather in silence

    Call to worship

    The presiding minister reads one or
    in all responsible use of the earth’s resources.
    Glory to God in the highest,
    and pe[...]odist Council, Nairobi, Kenya, 1986
    Uniting in Worship 1: People’s Book: Page133)

    An act of r[...]
    [...]ce, can form part of the
    congregation's Sunday worship. It could appropriately be placed after th[...]
    from loud-mouthed boasting,
    and blind self-worship that admits not guilt;
    O Lord, deliver us.[...]
    [...]ave enough;
    in all responsible use of the earth's resources.

    Glory to God in the highest,
    and peace t[...]thodist Council, Nairobi, Kenya, 1986. Uniting in Worship 1:
    People's Book, Page 133)


    Together in Song
    [...]e praise, honour and glory,
    now and always.
    (Worship Resources for Anzac and Remembrance Services:
    UCA C[...]
    [...]Lord, hear our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    (Worship Resources for Anzac and Remembrance Services:
    UCA Commi[...]in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi
    Uniting in Worship 1: People’s Book: Page 228)

    Prayer for[...]
    [...]d to share the life of your kingdom.

    (Uniting In Worship 1: People’s Book: Page 151)

    A Rolling[...]
    [...]ist. Amen.

    (The Revd Douglas McKenzie
    Uniting in Worship 1: People’s Book: Page 240)

    3. LAMENTS
    (The following Laments are from Uniting in Worship 2, pages 241-242)


    Our hearts are like[...]
    [...]decorum est
    Pro patria mori.
    Wilfred Owen

    From the Barnabas in Churches website


    The Church of Scotland[...]e United Church of Canada has an excellent set of
    resources, United for Peace
    Permission is given for their use in worship[...]


    Resources for Remembrance Day 11 Nov.
    Worship Resources