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    Anzac Day worship resources for the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli


    Worship Resources

    the Centenary of
    This resource has been compiled by Uniting Church in Australia[...]ar
    the landings at Gallipoli.
    The prayers in this resource have been broken up in light of the four fold str[...]he resurrection.

    All the photographs within this resource have been gathered from the Australian War
    Memori[...]each photo where it was available.

    Through this resource, it is our hope, to help people to ponder t[...]
    [...]child who has died
    so that the light of freedom, justice and humanity
    may continue to shine.
    Today, as we[...]ry.
    To serve in foreign lands a long time ago
    for justice and peace.

    We remember the One, Holy Trin[...]
    [...]he Lord’s Supper”. For
    the purposes of this resource we have called this section “Re­
    [...]f those who have served in the fight
    for freedom, justice and peace.
    Lord, hear us.
    Lord, hear our p[...]
    [...]pursuit of those who work for reconciliation and justice,
    direct us into the ways of understanding,[...]reak down fear and ignorance,
    and build up peace, justice and freedom.
    We eagerly pray for peace,
    in the na[...].

    Prayer for Peace 2

    We remember.
    God of justice and truth,
    help us to see past the sufferi[...]
    [...]eople the possibility
    of serving you in peace and justice all through their lives.
    We ask this throu[...]

    If you would like to use a hymn refer to the resource list earlier in this booklet.



    Anzac Day worship resources for the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli
    Worship Resources
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