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    Culturally inclusive worship


    Guidelines for Culturally Inclusive Worship
    May, 2[...]fe and faith cross-culturally in all parts of our worship, witness and
    service. It calls the whole c[...]ersity. An
    important component of this is the way worship is conducted. While many worship services
    are conducted in a mono-cultural way and in one language, there is the opportunity for
    worship to be culturally inclusive. Below are some guidelines for considering when such
    worship is being planned.

    Consider the nature of the worship service

    - Is it a service that will include so[...]omponents are decided
    by a culturally diverse worship team?

    - Note that blending traditions well tak[...]trust are practiced.

    Consider the goals of the worship service – recognising that the focus of Christian worship is
    God as revealed by Jesus Christ and in the Spi[...]who to include in the planning and conduct of the worship service

    - A worship team with extra people to assist
    - A specially set up worship team with a culturally mixed group of people

    -[...]f their life and faith journey?

    - How will the worship be presented if multiple languages are used, e.g.[...]d and lifts the

    Use of symbols in the worship service

    - Non-verbal elements can be meaningfu[...]how?

    What will take place before and after the worship service?

    - greeters from different cultural gr[...]d’s kingdom prefigured by the church.

    In the resources that follow are examples of culturally inclusive worship which could be
    adapted for other contexts.[...]
    [...]Bread, One Body, Exploring Cultural Diversity in Worship (Alban
    Institute, 2003)

    Helen Richmond &[...]


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