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    Including persons with intellectual disabilities in worship


    [...]cluding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Worship

    A Brisbane group of Crossroads Queensland, a fel[...]warm welcome and invitation to all to join in the worship of God, and, as baptised people, to come to the L[...]e several factors for
    consideration by leaders of worship when people with intellectual disabilities are re[...]may also permit a more profound participation
    in worship amongst the wider membership of the congregation.[...]cognitive
    content of the language of services of worship is beyond their comprehension. Does this mean tha[...]n thoughtful, sensitive children. Some leaders of worship have chosen to use words such
    as 'the cup[...]
    [...]eak far more to the whole person who offers it as worship to God.

    The length of the service

    The matter o[...]se.

    The Gathering of the People of God.

    Call to worship

    Let us worship God.

    Scripture sentence with seasonal var[...]
    [...]le's attention span and
    participation. Crossroads worship leaders in Brisbane find that the sermon can be f[...]ual symbols and symbolic gesture

    The setting for worship, the communion vessels and cloths, the gestures used by the leaders of worship when
    giving the greeting and sharing the peace, d[...]mbols can help convey a sense of reverence in the
    worship of God and a sense of community amongst Go[...]
    [...]ds used to explain them. Churches with
    a style of worship with a strong emotional and/or sacramental emphas[...]uests freed members of an academic institution to worship and proclaim the gospel
    in its profound simplicit[...]work of preparing an institution for such
    regular worship to occur in that setting. [7]

    There is also the need for the one leading worship to prepare fully. This involves preparatio[...]
    [...]ariety of means to the
    people as they offer their worship through a range of human activities and rituals.[...]means available through which people offer their worship to God.


    [1] The late Bishop Ian Sh[...]e
    support of Crossroads.

    [2] When leading Sunday worship at Goodna which was attended by several Cr[...]


    Including persons with intellectual disabilities in worship
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