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    Multi-faith worship


    Australian Consultation On[...]eir understanding of
    their own and other churches' worship. It monitors (on behalf of the Engl[...]e Revised Common Lectionary (1992) and the
    common worship texts in Praying Together (1988), and it receives reports from the
    National Ecumeni[...]tion in relation to participation in "multi-faith worship", however defined. Four of
    our member churches, the[...]"The Lutheran
    Church of Australia and Inter-Faith Worship" (Church Relations Committee, 1994)
    which sets ve[...]nters
    to appropriate participation in multi-faith worship and other events.

    Rev Robert Gribben, Sec[...]


    Services of worship involving members of different faith communities[...]ems from a
    variety of Christian and non-Christian sources;

    — A multi-faith service in serial form.

    Reco[...]Service in Serial Form be used where
    services of worship involve members of different faith communities.[...]ocated a segment of the program in which to offer worship. Each brief act of
    worship is separate and complete in itself and involves w[...]s.)

    Those present at such a service share in the worship of faiths other than their own
    only to the[...]
    [...]are limits to what can be included in multi-faith worship. For example, the
    central Christian sacram[...]at, or by their refusal to attend, a
    multi-faith worship service. They need to know beforehand what will b[...]lved are well covered in the booklet, Multi-faith Worship? , a report to
    General Synod (1992) by the Board of[...]open to the public (as would normally be the case),
    people of any persuasion or none are welco[...]
    [...]include a church, a church hall, or the
    place of worship of another faith. By making its buildings availab[...]anging for
    each community to offer its own act of worship in its own place of worship, the
    congregation processing from place to[...]n common use, "multi-faith" describes the form of
    worship which is recommended here. Other terms such as "i[...]from documents which use these terms.

    The term "worship" can be problematic. As different understandings[...]of difficulty, what is here called " multi-faith
    worship" may best be described as a multi-faith event, ga[...]Christian Churches to participate in "Interfaith Worship

    Because of the pluralist socie[...]
    [...]o differentiate between occasions for
    multi-faith worship and multicultural gatherings.

    However, there may[...]ssed varying reactions to the idea of multi-faith worship. For
    some, the idea of multi-faith worship is new and strange and causes genuine concern.
    For others, opportunities for interfaith dialogue and worship are exciting prospects
    which should be grasped.[...]oughtless confusion of different faith
    traditions), indifferentism ("we all believe in the one god after all"), and idolatry
    (giving worship to that which is not God). There are also concerns about the
    limitations which a situation of multi-faith worship would impose on the liturgical

    Care a[...]tions to call
    different faith groups together for worship. Where this does occur, it is hoped that
    h[...]ems from a
    variety of Christian and non-Christian sources is not recommended because those
    arranging such s[...]ich are involved.

    — Christians acknowledge and worship one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and
    for us to worship other gods is idolatry.

    — It is acknowl[...]
    [...]service in serial form be used where services
    of worship involve members of different faith communities.[...]g or an open-air site.


    Multi-faith Worship? , Board of Mission of the Church of England, Report to General
    Synod, 1992.

    Multi-faith Worship? Guidance on the Situations which Arise , Inter-faith
    Consultative Group of the General Syn[...]Mission.

    Basis for Participation in Inter-faith Worship , Report by Working Group established
    by the Missio[...]Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions , Vatican II,
    Nostra Aetate, 28 October 1965.

    The Lutheran Church ofAustralia and Inter-faith Worship , Statement by the
    Commission on Theology an[...]


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