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    Healing and hope : worship resources in response to Royal Commission into Instutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


    and Hope
    Resources suitable for worship and
    prayer in respons[...]
    These suggested resources can be used in a worship service or a
    [...]r deep sorrow for the wrong that was done
    and the injustice this has caused.

    Survivors have recounted experi[...]of abuse and neglect.

    We commit today to ensure justice for all people affected and
    recommit our e[...]
    [...]ady shaken spirits with faith:
    Show us the way to justice and wholeness,
    enlightened by truth and enfolded[...]sdom, humility and grace,
    so that we may act with justice
    and find peace in you.
    We ask this through[...]
    Looking for justice where none seems possible,
    Searching for the kind[...]remble...

    Hoping for kindness and truth to meet, justice and peace to kiss,
    Desperate for the coura[...]
    [...]by the Commission's

    As Chief Commissioner Justice Peter McClellan AM warned at the
    Royal Commission[...]of children is
    not just a problem from the past.

    Justice McClellan said: "Poor practices, inadequat[...]

    The work of implementation will continue to be resourced
    into the future through the National Royal[...]
    [...]power and passion that we might work
    with you for justice and liberation of all those who are abused
    and op[...]ontinue with integrity to speak out for truth and justice in our
    and boldly declare the salva[...]
    [...]le: and take our stand on the ground of mercy and

    And may God the Creator go on creating in[...]


    Healing and hope : worship resources in response to Royal Commission into Instu[...]
    Worship Resources