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    Item Type: Assembly Resources
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    Resources for worship and prayer with, or in support of, the First Peoples


    Resources suitable for worship and prayer with, or in
    support of, the First Peoples of this land

    1. Resources prepared by the UCA National Assembly Working
    Group on Worship

    These resources may be freely reproduced and used, but not altere[...]in which their land was taken from them
    and their language, culture and spirituality despised and sup[...]lebrate the richness and diversity of culture and language in our world
    knowing that under God we are[...]
    [...]or use with those for whom English is not a first

    We say God created the universe,
    and the[...]orld
    different peoples have their own culture and language,
    and that in God we are all united together[...]
    [...]witness and serve as one people under God.

    2. Resources from St Mary’s College, Ipswich, Queensl[...]
    [...]thers of other colours and diverse creeds.

    3. Resources from the National Council of Churches in Australi[...]Permission for the reproduction and use of these resources has been given by the
    National Council of[...]
    [...]ou the pain and anguish of
    dispossession of land, language, lore, culture
    and family kinship that Abor[...]
    [...]our land and waters.
    Help us to share justly
    the resources of this land.

    Help us to bring about spir[...]
    [...]pray for this land, our culture, our customs.
    our languages, our people and our nation.
    Gather us together to[...]and have better
    understanding in the knowledge of language and
    culture in this land, Australia. Amen.[...]

    The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ speaks all languages. It esteems and
    embraces all cultures. It supports[...]ginality proposes.
    Take this Gospel into your own language and way of speaking; let its spirit
    penetrate you[...]people worship God and read his word in their own
    language, and colour the great signs and symbols of[...]


    Resources for worship and prayer with, or in support[...]
    Worship Resources