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    Uniting in interactive and collaborative worship : sample service


    [...]in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship

    Bringing Interactive and Collaborative Learning
    Experiences into Worship Services

    Suggested Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship Service
    Uniting in Interactive and Collaborative Worship

    Compiled by Jon Humphries

    Sample Service[...]
    Uniting in Interactive and Collaborative Worship
    - An Introduction
    Uniting in Interactive and Collaborative Worship is a resource for the Church which
    seeks to weave some of inter[...]e of the Lord’s Day as set out in ‘Uniting in Worship 2’. This is a resource that
    is currently under development. This documen[...]vice which is possible using the kind of style of worship which the resource
    promotes. It is a taste of some of the activities which will be included in the resource.

    The Greek word that we get the word[...]slated, ‘the work of the people.’ The form of worship service modelled
    in this booklet is designed to g[...]rds already prepared for them by the liturgist or worship leader. It is thus
    about engaging people in the work of liturgy and gathered worship and about helping
    move people from a passive to a[...].

    The second reason for engaging in this kind of worship experience is that that it
    betters correlates wit[...]op them. Uniting in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship, seeks to help congregations explore how t[...]practice and incorporate it into the context of a worship service.
    The aim is to create engaging exp[...]
    [...]Collaborative Worship

    generations. Whilst this is not the be-all a[...]very real and tangible way part of what
    gathered worship is about - i.e. the building of connections and c[...]at.

    Given the interactive nature of this type of worship, here are some suggestions to
    assist peopl[...]ay be a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable form of
    worship service:

    1. Introduce any activity by setting up[...]d grow people in a
    situation such as a regular worship service, you may need to provide good
    [...]Collaborative Worship

    Suggestions for an Order of Service
    Incorporating Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship Elements
    The following is a suggestion. It is not[...]on of the service often referred to in Uniting in Worship 2 as
    the 'Service of the Word.' This sampl[...]
    [...]people a return
    to their normal pattern/style of worship, having just stretched them in the first
    [...]ry used to interactive and collaborative
    learning/worship styles then more elements could be made di[...]
    [...]or something or added to a
    congregational prayer resource (if such a thing doesn’t this can be the[...]
    niling in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship

    niling in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship

    In this service a more traditional form of the worship service was returned to so that
    the service ended[...]e and that there was a
    sense that it was still ‘worship’.

    Debriefing and Gathering Feedback
    After a worship service of this kind it may be useful to have som[...]ed steps or are they ready to adopt this style of worship more
    often, and all the degrees in between)
    • The performance of the leader in facilitating the worship event
    • What the next step might be
    niling in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship

    Uniting in Worship 2 National Working Group on Worship, National Assembly,
    Uniting Church in Australia (2000)

    Horsfield, R. ‘Alive to God in Worship, National Working Groups on Worship
    and Doctrine, National Assembly, Uniti[...]

    Would you like to get involved?
    If you would[...]you have ideas for interactive and collaborative worship, then send
    through your ideas and we will add them to the resource with your
    permission and full crediting[...]
    V^niling in Interactive and
    Collaborative Worship


    Uniting in interactive and collaborative worship : sample service
    Worship Resources