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Towards Intentionally Anti Racist Worship


[...]ommunities to grow in awareness of silences, body
language and personal space.

Some cultures have different[...]the
ways people supplement their words with body language.

Some cultures rely far less on verbal co[...]taking into account the points above.

Beware of language in music that may alienate CALD (Culturally And
L[...]d held within our tradition. However,
some of the language in worship music may be alienating or even trigge[...]e lyrics (whether in English or a different
language). What does a particular song say to your[...]d who they are called to be? Is there problematic language that can be slightly
altered? Is there problematic theology?

Don’t assume everyone speaks the same language.[...]
[...]ake home, so that
people with English as a Second Language can go through it more slowly than it is
presente[...]el worship which is not all just in one,
dominant language. Let the liturgy be multi-lingual, and have those who have been used to
the dominant language in worship learn patience and humility in followi[...]nslation, or just listening to worship in another language and joining in with the
tone, inflection and emot[...]ave a group attend a worship service in a foreign language, and reflect on the
experience after[...]e of someone who
might not be fluent in the language it is in. What things might stump or confuse that
3) Invite those from diverse language groups to offer things into worship in the non-
dominant language.

Preachers: read Feminist, Womanist, Libe[...]paration.
Again, some of the greatest theological resources have come from Europe and America. It
takes inten[...]less common voices. There are plenty of
fantastic resources out there, written by people of non-Anglo backgro[...]cal college lecturers and libraries, and seek out resources that will
expand your and your congr[...]
[...]and in
the sea”, those from “every tribe and language and people and nation” joining together[...]


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