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Towards Intentionally Anti Racist Worship


By Rev. Radhika Sukumar-White

In the wake of mas[...]tions to seek to be intentionally anti-
racist in worship. While this was written with predominantly[...]to live out anti-racism.

Begin every gathering - worship, meetings, small groups, youth groups,
eve[...]cknowledgement of Country. And mean it.
Christian worship is not simply an hour of refuge from the world. Rather, we worship our
God in real space and time, on real ground, s[...]l people all around our
country and world. In our worship, we always confess our brokenness and sin,[...]lius, and White Australia. We acknowledge that we worship
on land that God lovingly created, which w[...]
[...]ated with
your church to use.

Look at your worship space. Who sits where, and why? How does the
spac[...]learning happens

Have a look at your worship space. Is there something about it that says: if[...]hings
around so that people can see each other in worship, rather than the backs of people’s
heads[...]he people who are invited to take part in leading worship,worship – preachers, liturgists, musicians, testimony
p[...]to be space for CALD people
to speak and lead in worship, others will need to stop talking and move out of the way.


1) Spend some time in your worship space looking at where things are situated. Play[...]it in different spaces.
2) Take a look at your worship roster, and see if a particular culture is favour[...]and invite them to use their gifts and skills in worship.[...]

This stuff is really important, both for the worship service, and for community time around
it, e.g. m[...]n our tradition. However,
some of the language in worship music may be alienating or even triggering for pe[...]at we sing our
theology, so be careful in picking worship music.


1) Look at your song li[...]
[...]understand “church words” we use regularly in worship.

Encourage your worship leaders to briefly explain each part of the litur[...]the other hand, it is good to deliberately model worship which is not all just in one,
dominant language.[...]se who have been used to
the dominant language in worship learn patience and humility in following along with a
provided translation, or just listening to worship in another language and joining in with the
tone,[...]tions shown.


1) Have a group attend a worship service in a foreign language, and reflect on the[...]from diverse language groups to offer things into worship in the non-
dominant language.

Again, some of the greatest theological resources have come from Europe and America. It
takes inten[...]less common voices. There are plenty of
fantastic resources out there, written by people of non-Anglo backgro[...]cal college lecturers and libraries, and seek out resources that will
expand your and your congr[...]
[...]pull apart and rebuild theology.

Remember what worship is meant to be.
It can be easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism in worship. But remember, God does not
demand perfection, or even success. God demands faithfulness. If our worship service is
ultra-smooth, musically beautiful, and[...]ence in our world, don’t be afraid to lament in worship, or to offer prayers
that might make those[...]he rich, transcendent diversity of God, and whose worship looks forward to
the heavenly picture of “every[...]kumar-White is a panel member of the Transforming Worship Circle and
Minister at Leichhardt Uniting[...]


Towards Intentionally Anti Racist Worship
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