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    Growing Intergenerational Worship


    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    The first five resources produced under the Engage Together banner are aim[...]eepening intergenerational relationships during a worship service, Introduction
    particularly the first 20 minutes when children are often present. This latest resource,
    Engage Together: Growing Intergenerational Worship, provides tips, ideas and Pa[...]tical suggestions for other elements of a typical worship service plus some Planning intergenerational worship
    material from Engage Together: Generating Intergenerational Worship Ideas. Page 3[...]and after the worship service

    In the Engage Together: Generating Intergenerational Worship Ideas resource, Page 5
    a general overview of tips and resources for the Call to Worship, Music, Prayer and Useful resource box
    Bible Reading – plus Take Home ideas – was provided. In a worship service there is
    also often an Early Word (childr[...]Call to Worship, Music, Prayer, Bible reading,
    also have a[...])
    This Engage Together: Growing Intergenerational Worship provides tips, ideas and
    some practical suggestions for the following elements of a typical worship service… Page 10
    • Early Word (Child[...]Appendix 1 - Call to Worship ideas[...]rom Engage Together: Generating
    Intergenerational Worship Ideas around… Page 28
    • Call to Worship Additional Engage Together resources

    • Music
    • Prayer[...]a Parr
    Of course, church is so much more than the worship service, our gathering for P (02) 8838 8977
    worship is more than just what happens between the Call to Worship and Benediction E[...]relationships
    across all the generations. A great resource you might like to explore that will assist Mel[...]P (08) 8236 4246
    Together: More than Worship, more than Sunday.[...]church-resources/all-age-worship/[...]
    [...]Some more tips for intergenerational worship:[...]Provide opportunities for interaction of small
    worship[...]f all present and respectful of
    Intergenerational worship uses multi-age strategies (multi- di[...]ntelligence) with an • Keep in mind the resources available – can you print off
    [...]ic programs meet, introduce them to
    and after the worship service k[...]or access toilet.
    A strength of intergenerational worship is its focus on[...]to discuss the question together.

    building for a worship service •[...]re valued and part banner to display during worship,
    of our community. Drawings could also be d[...]
    Useful resource box
    It can be handy to create a ‘Useful resource box’ that has a variety of stationery and other items that can be used for multi-
    age worship and to encourage intergenerational connections. T[...]your congregation in creating their own ‘Useful Resource Box’ that can be added to as you
    explore intergenerational worship.

    • variety of coloured pa[...]s, stars, anything that might link to a theme for worship)[...]
    [...]Call and response is often used in the Call to Worship when
    Worship ideas for the the worship leader ‘calls’ and the congregation ‘respon[...]an be experienced and
    enhanced during the Call to Worship as people are • Offer all i[...]ere are a variety of ways to facilitate a Call to Worship[...]for the
    • Prompting conversation between the worship leader congregation and which p[...]• Incorporate actions with or without a prop/resource as
    God and preparing for worship. Pre-arrange for some part[...]people to join in by miming
    prepare them for worship (and f[...]• Provide a prop or hand-held resource for each person
    • A song or repeated l[...]
    [...]intergenerational connections after the worship service, you
    • Allow the text/words to provid[...]When making decisions about materials/resources/visuals
    or explanation?[...]
    [...]ps meet in a different space.
    and welcomed in the worship service. The dilemma and risk is This of[...]riendly, well-resourced and have trained and
    If a worship service is intentionally shaped using[...]hurch community and
    purpose of having this in the worship service and then keep[...]g God, fun while we do the serious worship/learning” nor, “big or
    growing faith and building and deepening intergenerational little worship”.
    intergenerational principles of multi-age worship ideas with an • Use invitational langua[...]g children forward to be ‘apart from’ the worship service:
    rest of the community invite childr[...]roup to share from
    is consistency across the worship service. the front or i[...]Remember to provide resources, such as simple activity bags,[...]
    [...]hen preparing
    any element of an intergenerational worship service. • Use age-appropriate[...]pate
    in. Use some of the current colouring in resources for Remember, do not ever from th[...]
    [...]r all
    ages to consider. Messy Church also has resources for
    exploring Communion, including crafts and[...]es together. Both Godly Play and Messy Church
    resources can be adapted for use in a worship service
    where all ages can learn about[...]
    [...]Let’s keep the details short, To close the worship service include any reminders or
    the presentation[...]ngs to keep in mind when sharing notices during a
    worship service with a variety of ages present:[...]
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    APPENDIX 1[...]Legend
    Intergenerational Call to Worship ideas[...]d to listen, watch and think about being ready to
    worship God together. It begins with:

    We are here[...]God”

    Arrange for the music to begin whilst the worship leader is speaking, continue through
    the Call to Worship and keep on playing for a short time after the refrain has been sung for
    the final time. The worship leader gives a brief introduction about the busyn[...]” while being as still as possible. The Call
    to Worship begins with:

    Let us worship God!
    Jesus says to us: Come to me,[...]
    [...]Who do people say Jesus is?
    Leader: Let us worship God! (p. 13 Aug[...]h:
    - say the last 2 lines of our Call to Worship
    together again.[...]• Mime
    over 60 and under 60. As the Call to Worship is read, the (p. 21 Aug-Sept En[...]
    [...]in praise. For example, it begins with:
    We worship God who caused the sea to look[...]we will praise God! (raise arms)
    We worship God for whom the mountains and[...]jug (sufficient to fill
    USING A PROP OR HAND HELD RESOURCE FOR the three reasonabl[...]by tracing around their hand. During the Call to Worship
    they are invited to wave their flag each time the[...]three people to help me lead our Call to Worship this
    • Heart shape[...]s in bold. [Name],
    each person and in the Call to Worship the heart is waved, [Name] and [Name] are g[...]aim all God’s As the Call to Worship is read, one person each time (in
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    APPENDIX 2[...]
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    APPENDIX 3[...]
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    APPENDIX 4[...]
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    APPENDIX 5[...]around the world.
    • Summer and Winter Call to Worship reflection
    (p. 15 Jun-Jul Engage Together)
    Pr[...]household or person a copy of the adapted Call to worship
    below. You might like to laminate them or[...]
    Growing Intergenerational Worship

    Additional Engage Together resources
    2018 Engage Together: More than Worship, More than Sunday
    2017 Engage Together: Generating Intergenerational Worship Ideas[...]
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    Growing Intergenerational Worship
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