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Some thoughts on intergenerational worship


Some thoughts on intergenerational worship

(adapted from Planning Intergenerational Worship by Mary Jo Zwar – which can be found at Planning-

Intergenerational worship takes seriously the idea that people of all ages are part of the worshiping
congregation. Every Christian worship service could be considered an intergenerational worship
service in the sense that the worshippers represe[...]be intentional.

Intentionally intergenerational worship is different from “children’s”, “family”, “contemporary” and
even “traditional” worship in that it deliberately fosters engagement by peo[...]here that, by this definition, it is possible for worship to be genuinely
intergenerational without children or young people being present). Intergenerational worship is
worship that intentionally involves people of different g[...]an encounter with God through
a range of acts of worship, such as hearing and reflecting on God’s[...]rtant things to consider around intergenerational worship
• Ensure explanations, invitations and direct[...]eraction of small intergenerational groups within worship
• Include fun, excitement and surprise in the context of genuine worship
• Give a high priority to visuals and kinaest[...]oduced from Engage Together – Intergenerational Worship Ideas for Lent 2017)


Some thoughts on intergenerational worship
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