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Thinking about Intergenerational Worship


Thinking about Intergenerational Worship

When thinking about intergenerational worship, questions to wonder about include “What makes
worship intergenerational?” and “How is intergenerational worship different to multi-age worship?”

A good starting point for response to[...]recalling the foundational
elements of multi-age worship – including the importance of being multi-senso[...]ntelligence
and multi-ability aware. An excellent resource for thinking through these principles in practice is
Lucy Moore’s All-Age Worship. When it comes to multi-age worship, some key tips to take on board
• Repetition
• Be real

(Another resource that is invaluable when it comes to engaging the practical dimensions of multi-age
worship is Beth Barnett’s Party on Together. Containing[...]ave us in relation to “How is intergenerational worship different to multi-age
worship?” One potentially helpful way forward is to see
Intergenerational Worship = Multi-age worship + an intentional intergenerational overlay
That is, rather than seeing “intergenerational” worship as taking us into completely new and
unfamiliar ([...]he joy – and potential – of intergenerational worship is to see people of all ages
engaging worshiping,[...]oduced from Engage Together – Intergenerational Worship Ideas for Pentecost 2017)


Thinking about Intergenerational Worship
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