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Tips and practical suggestions for Intergenerational Worship


Intergenerational worship takes seriously the idea that people of all ages[...]he
oldest person present be genuinely included in worship. Whilst this is true in theory, for it to[...]reat deal of intentionality. What is required for worship to be truly intergenerational?

Intentionally intergenerational worship is different from “children’s”, “family”, “contemporary” and even
“traditional” worship in that it deliberately fosters engagement by peo[...]here that, by this definition, it is possible for worship to be genuinely intergenerational without children or
young people being present). Intergenerational worship is worship that intentionally involves people of different
g[...]an encounter with God through a range of acts of worship, such as hearing and reflecting on God’s[...]er.

One way of thinking about intergenerational worship is as multi-age worship with an intentional intergenerational
overlay. Thus, the planning and leadership of intergenerational worship takes into account core elements of multi-
age worship – particularly the multi-sensory, multi-intelli[...]onal connection and engagement. Intergenerational worship can foster surprise,
wonder, delight and joy as p[...]eraction of small intergenerational groups within worship
• Include fun, excitement and surprise in the context of genuine worship
• Give a high priority to visuals and kinaest[...]ly included in Engage Together: Intergenerational Worship Ideas for Lent)


Tips and practical suggestions for Intergenerational Worship
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