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Copyright and Reuse

illuminate is the digital repository for the Assembly (National Council) of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA). The material contained within this repository is provided for the use of Members, Officebearers and Councils of the UCA. Except where specifically noted within a document, documents downloaded by Members, Officebearers and Councils of the UCA may be copied for personal use or for the use of Councils, Agencies and groups related to the UCA.

Some historical material is preserved in illuminate on behalf of individuals or institutions and conditions or restrictions may have been applied at the time of accession. These restrictions need to be adhered to.

Material accessed in illuminate may not be used for commercial purposes except by the express permission of the Assembly of the UCA. The use of this material must be consistent with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 and any amendments to that act.

In making collections and services available online, the Assembly of the UCA acts in good faith. To the best of our knowledge, we have permission to make the content of this site available digitally.

However, we recognise that despite best efforts there may be occasions when material made available online is considered to breach copyright.

If you are the rights holder of material published in illuminate, and you believe copyrighted work is made available in a way that does not satisfy the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 or otherwise constitutes copyright infringement, please notify the Assembly of the UCA using the Contact Us form.