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Welcome to RECOLLECT

Welcome to the UCA Assembly site

A searchable database for resources from the Uniting Church in Australia


A video introducing illuminate and demonstrating how to search for different documents can be found here.


How to Search

  1. To quickly find a collection of documents on a particular topic, click on one of the red squares to the right.
  2. Alternatively, you may wish to immediately display a list of documents based on the themes in the ‘tag cloud’. Just click on the theme in which you are interested.
  3. Finally, you can use the ‘Search box’ to type in one or more terms which describe the document for which you are looking. The more words you put in the search box, the more accurately illuminate will be able to find the specific document for which you are looking. Once you have done a search and displayed a list of documents, you can refine that search using the “Search for” and “Refine Search Terms” buttons above the displayed documents or the “Filter By” column to the left.
  4. When you find the document you are looking for, click on the picture or title of the document to display the document. You can move through the document page by page. If you have searched for particular words, they will be highlighted within the document. To the left of the document, under a heading “Tools”, you will see a symbol which will enable you to download the original document.



  • When entering words to search for a document, as an example, if you type in the word “Commissioning” it will give a list of official Commissioning services, as well as any guidelines or doctrine papers relating to ‘Commissioning’ or which have the word ‘Comissioning’ within the document.
  • Once you’ve done a search, changing the setting under the “Search for” button from “All Keywords” to “Any Keywords” will give a broader search showing documents with any of the terms you entered. On the other hand “Exact Phrase Match” will narrow your search to documents with all of the search words together in order as a phrase.
  • If you have a long list of documents, you can ‘refine’ (cut down) that list by adding Filters for particular dates, types of documents, status settings, etc.



Note that the 'Login' icon to the left will offer you the possibility of registering to become a 'member'. The ONLY benefits of membership are that illuminate will keep a history of the searches made during your current session, and will allow you to store a list of documents you are interested in as "Your collection". This may be useful for researchers, but most users of illuminate will not gain anything by registering. All documents and all search capabilities are freely available to any visitor without registration.

If you are looking for documents of an historical nature, you might also wish to search the Camden Theological Library's Illuminate site which has a fuller collection of historical and theological documents connected to the Uniting Church.